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Warren Family Homes Pty Ltd

51 Princess Street | Bundaberg East | QLD | 4670
Phone (07) 4159 0222 | Mobile 0414 595 009
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"It has been over 6 months now since we moved into our home at Kalkie.  It's difficult to know where to start in applauding Warren Family Homes because we are happy with so many aspects of our home that we do not want to leave anything or anyone out.  We wanted to write this letter of thanks to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and generosity of the team at WFH.  It really started at the beginning during the quoting process when it was very clear that WFH was a stand-out from the crowd of builders happy to build our home.  Brad was our front man and from our dealings with him, we felt we could expect honesty and quality at a good price - and we weren't let down.  We were impressed with both Brad's professionalism and his approachable character.  He is straight forward and thorough, which in the end made it an easy decision that WFH were the ones who would build our family's home.  Our time in discussions with Scott, the Project Manager proved that Brad wasn't alone in his desire for quality work and for keeping us happy.  This was proven time and time again during the building process.  The selections process isn't easy and having built a house before we knew what we were in for.  Having Jocelyn there to talk to at any time during the process really did help make things easier.  There was never a time that Jocelyn ever made us to feel that she was too busy or that we had too many questions.  The carpenters, Drew and Dion were amazing.  They were welcoming to us on site an answered our questions and went above and beyond during the build.  We are so impressed with their work and are continually having guests comment on the quality of work in our home.  Two top blokes who were both reliable and friendly, thanks again so much!  JC Designer Kitchens - Thank you to both Jason and Louise for what we think is an amazing kitchen with both character and quality second to none.  Louise was a pleasure to deal with and it's obvious that they love to please their customers and see a job through to a fantastic result.  Even being able to go and sight the kitchen and cabinetry before it was installed was a real bonus. Thank you.  Barritts Carpet One - Thanks Michael and the other staff there.  Their high level of customer service made the process simple.  They were fantastic and we are very happy with all our flooring and tiling.  Kens Plumbing Plus - We can't believe how patient these people were with us during the selection process!  We had lots of questions and took our time making decisions yet nothing seemed too hard and all went very smoothly.  Thank you to the staff there for putting up with us.  Tiler (Dave) - A very special mention to the tiler, we were so impressed with the tiler's speed and quality of work and for his going beyond what was required to keep us happy.  We were very impressed, thank you!  And last but not least, to the painter (Stuart) - Thank you for all your hard work, especially using a paint colour that requires so much patience.  During the job he had sick staff and another away for personal reasons, yet the job continued at lightning speed and determination.  There were others we came across during the building process and we know many hands worked together to make our home what it is.  We want to thank you all as well.  Once again to Brad of Warren Family Homes, we are extremely happy with our home and we plan on staying here for the rest of our lives if we can!  Nothing was too hard for you all and we loved meeting all those who worked alongside you to make our home what it is today.  Yours gratefully and sincerely.....Michael & Emma."

Michael & Emma - Kalkie