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No two people are the same. Likewise, each and every home we build is customised to suit its owner’s tastes and budget

Of course there are some things that every home must have, but to a large extent, your list of inclusions will be the result of the personal consultation we will do before preparing your quote.

Your inclusions are created for you as the owner, they’re not just a list of standard things that are easy for us as the builder.

We make sure we include EVERYTHING needed so there are no surprise expenses later on.


Warren Family Homes will ensure that we can source everything we need to build your home exactly as you want it.

About The Inclusions List Below

This list contains some ‘must haves’ along with our most commonly-requested home inclusions. It is intended to be a guide only - talk to us and get your personalised quote with everything you need. 


Preliminary Inclusions

  • Site investigation of building platform
  • Drafting of full set of working plans, including site plan, floor plan and elevations, tie down and bracing plan, foundation plan, sectional details, roof water catchment plan and alike
  • Design and calculations for a minimum 6 star energy efficient home
  • Soil tests. Our standard price is based on an S, M or H1 result to the soil test
  • NOTE: There are additional costs involved for an H2, E or P result to the soil test
  • Engineering for slab, based on a raft slab design (not a Styrofoam Waffle pod slab !!)
  • Engineer designed timber wall frames and trusses to meet C2 wind ratings (cyclonic)
  • Council fees for water connection and meter, and sewerage connection (or on-site waste water system application and approval)
  • Private certifier engagement costs and fees for inspections of slab, frame and finals
  • QBCC, Construction & Public Liability insurances
  • Meetings with WFH staff to simplify and assist with owner's selections and alterations
  • Full site supervision as required by a Warren Family Homes director


Workplace Health and Safety Considerations            

  • All workplace health and safety costs, including scaffolding, signage, roofing edge protection, fall protection and site barricading as necessary
  • Workplace health and safety site consultant, including site safety plan
  • Waste bin removal service for all building waste
  • Temporary onsite toilet for all workers
  • Job site kept tidy at all times


Site Access and Power            

  • It is the owner's responsibility to ensure we have safe and reasonable access to the site at all times
  • If there is no power available on site for our site metre box by the time construction is to start, the owner will be required to supply a generator and fuel until power is available from Ergon
  • Connect power mains at front boundary via underground mains from the green pillar box, to a galvanised meterbox mounted on the side of the house closest to the pillar


Site Preparation, Excavations and Pad            

  • We require all necessary boundary pegs to be clearly visible before we can start work on your site. If they are not visible, a surveyor will be required to peg the site out at an additional cost
  • If the site is overgrown, it is the owner's responsibility to mow or slash the site before work can start.  If required WFH can organise to have the site cleared for you at a small cost
  • Scrape all vegetation from the area under the house and patios
  • Allowance for up to 300mm fall across pad area (large sloping pads will require extra excavation at owner's cost)
  • Import and compact house pad mix to form a building pad, to an average depth of 250mm
  • Excavation for footings and slab as required by engineer design
  • Any excess soil, grass, vegetation or rock will be spread across the site or stockpiled.  If spoil needs to be removed from site this will be an additional cost (charged at cost) above this quotation       


House Slab and Concrete            

  • Profile, prepare, box and pour the house slab as per engineers design
  • Garage slab finished level with the main slab (no tripping hazard), with standard grey concrete finish
  • Entry patio slab poured in one with the main slab, 40mm step down and tiled finish with tile riser to slab edge
  • Alfresco patio slab poured separate to the main slab, 80mm step down and 7mm 50/50 Salt & Pepper exposed aggregate finish
  • Alfresco glass sliding door to be rebated into the slab and finished flush with internal floor tiles
  • 80m2 of additional concrete allowed, poured with 7mm 50/50 Salt & Pepper exposed aggregate being for all external concrete for driveways and footpaths. 
  • Mower strips are not included as standard and are charged at a separate rate to the above
  • Street gutter cut out and removed for driveway

Water, Waste and Gas          

  • 20mm water connection to house from the council water mains and meter at the front boundary
  • All internal house connections as required by plans
  • 3 external hose taps plus a water connection to the kitchen refrigerator
  • Hot water from a 'Dux' Radiant 250 litre Electric hot water system (wired on Tariff 31).  NOTE:  You have the option to upgrade to a 'Dux Endurance' 26 litre instantaneous gas water heater  OR  a 250 litre two panel 'Dux Sunpro' solar hot water system with electric back up 
  • Connection to council sewer mains
  • If an onsite treatment plant and disposal area are required, an additional cost for design and installation will apply (approx $15,000 for blocks under 2000m2 in size and approx $11,500 for blocks over 2000m2)
  • Stormwater drainage to the street as required by council standards
  • Down pipes are 90mm round painted PVC with stainless steel wall brackets
  • No gas connection is allowed as standard  (approx $650 to run gas lines to a cooktop)


Termite Control            

  • 'Termimesh' stainless steel termite barrier collars to slab penetrations
  • 'Termimesh' stainless steel termite barrier mesh to perimeter of house between bricks and slab
  • Wall frames and trusses are made from treated blue pine, termite resistant, T2 timber
  • Visual barrier to concrete slab edge below external wall cladding (if any)

Framing, Roofing and Insulation

  • Treated blue pine T2 timber wall frames (450mm stud spacing) & roof trusses (900mm max spacing).  90mm external walls & 70mm internal wall frames.  Engineer designed to C2 wind ratings
  • All necessary cyclonic roof tie down and house bracing as required by engineer's design
  • Ceiling height to be 2400mm (8 foot) throughout the home
  • 600mm square personal access to ceiling (manhole) framed into roof trusses with whiteboard cover
  • Builder's green sisalation and damp proof course to all external walls
  • Rear outdoor area as per plans, built under the main roof line OR built with an 'Ausdeck' 50mm Insulated Patio System
  • Colorbond fascia & quad gutter – continuous (no joins).  Guttering fitted with overflow prevention
  • Roofing to be corrugated Colorbond roofing iron on metal roof battens, including all flashings
  • Any barge flashings if required will be colour matched to the roofing colour
  • R3 fibreglass insulation batts to the ceiling of the house (excluding the garage, alfresco and patio)
  • Roofing to be at 22.5 degree pitch with hip and valley roof design
  • Dutch gables (if any) have 300mm overhang and are sheeted with painted 'Hardiflex'


Exterior Finishes          

  • Brick veneer finish with face bricks from our extensive builder's range of single or double height bricks from 2 companies OR
  • Brick veneer with rendered and painted exterior finish [additional cost]
  • Bricks laid as per plan and brick sills to windows, with galvanised steel brick ties
  • Expansion joints installed as per engineering design
  • 'Grey / natural' mortar to brickwork with raked mortar joints finish  [ivory mortar optional]
  • 'G James Glass & Aluminium' windows and glass external sliding doors in powder coated aluminium frame with finger jointed pine reveals and "Grey" tinted glass as standard.  'Mistlite' obscured glass to bathroom, ensuite and toilet windows only
  • Fly screens to all external windows and doors, excluding entrance door  [Security screens or crimsafe optional]
  • 920mm hinged entrance door of owner's choice from Humes Doors  PC $600
  • Side light (if required) to be framed in with main door, and glass to be grey translucent laminate
  • 'Humes' XF1, 1/3rd glass door with obscure glass to rear timber swing door [if applicable]
  • 'Schlage Jupiter, Leonardo or Rubens', satin stainless steel lever entrance locks, with deadlock to all external timber swing doors
  • RP3 Raven weather seals to all external swing doors         
  • External swing doors framed with 160mm x 30mm pre-primed pine jamb and Merbau door sill
  • 140mm laminated Merbau timber posts to patios and alfrescos.  Mounted on a fin blade galvanised steel post bracket
  • Panel lift door to garage, 2100mm x 4800mm from the Storm Shield range (cyclone proof), with three remotes
  • Soffits battened at 300mm centres and lined with Hardiflex, including vent sheets
  • Framed, sheeted and painted Hardiflex above all windows and door openings where required
  • Entry patio ceiling battened at 450mm centres and lined with Hardiflex
  • Alfresco ceiling battened at 400mm centres and lined with Unispan with timber moulding cornice

Internal Cladding

  • Ceilings to be battened at 450mm centres and sheeted with 10mm plasterboard
  • Walls to be sheeted with 10mm plasterboard except wet areas and garage
  • Bathroom and ensuite walls to be sheeted with 6mm 'Villaboard'
  • Garage walls to be sheeted with 6mm 'Pineridge'
  • 75mm cove cornice throughout
  • External corners to be square set [Rounded corners optional]
  • Expansion joints as required



  • Waterproofing to all showers, baths and spas to Australian Standards
  • Waterproofing of perimeter to bathrooms, ensuites, toilets and laundries to Australian Standards
  • 50mm stainless steel hob to all showers.  Shower floors 50mm above main floor level
  • Bedding and tiling to shower floors
  • Bottom two courses of brickwork sealed with a silicone based sealant to assist against the possibility of rising damp
  • Damp proof course plastic placed under all external wall frames to assist against the possibility of rising damp


Kitchen Area

  • Kitchen cabinets, including the pantry and overhead cupboards, drawers, doors and bench tops as per drawings with PS amount or via quotation from our cabinet makers
  • Lakeland's Billabong 1 & 3/4 bowl, stainless steel sink, 1080mm long, with basket wastes
  • 'Sigma' mixer to kitchen sink
  • All appliances including the oven, cook top, range hood / canopy, and dishwasher to owner's selections from The Good Guys  PC $3,000


Bathroom, Ensuite, Laundry and Toilets           

  • Vanity units, custom built by our cabinet maker, as per plan with PS amount or via quotation
  • 'Cosmo' drop in basins to bathroom and ensuite vanities (incl. pop-up wastes)
  • Aluminium framed shower screen, with clear laminated glass and pivot door.  Shower sizes are as per plan  [semi-frameless and walk in shower options available]
  • Aluminium framed mirrors, 900mm high over full length of vanity units [frameless options available]
  • Tiled niche to shower walls (approx 400mm square)
  • 'Aube' mixers throughout all wet areas
  • 'Aube Deluxe' or 'Aube Harmony' rail hand shower roses, one to each shower
  • 'Como' acrylic bath tub 1650mm x 750mm with 'Aube Swivel' bath spout
  • 'Ikaria' back to wall, dual flush toilet suites with porcelain pan & cistern and soft closing seat
  • 'Whitely' chrome plated double towel rails.  One to each bathroom and ensuite
  • 'Whitely' chrome plated toilet roll holders.  One to each toilet
  • Laundry tub, 45 litre 'Oliveri' stainless steel, drop in tub to cabinetry floor units
  • 1/4 turn mini cocks mounted inside laundry tub cupboard for washing machine water supply
  • Round chrome plated brass floor wastes to showers and bathroom and ensuite floors [Smart Tile wastes & strip drains optional]


Internal Fit Out

  • Internal doors to be 'Flush Redicote' or 'Humes Accent' range, with white plastic DS2 door catches to all swing doors
  • Option:  Upgrade to Humes 'Accent' range internal doors [additional cost]
  • 'Schlage' lever handles (choice of 3), to internal swing doors & 'Gainsborough' circular locks to internal cavity sliding doors (all in satin chrome finish with privacy and passage locks)
  • Vinyl covered robe sliding doors, in aluminium frame, to all robes, linens and stores as required by plans
  • Internal mouldings, skirting 68x12, architrave 42x12 FJ pine, in a choice of 4 profiles  (colonial, bullnose, splayed or square)
  • Shelving to robes, stores and linens via painted edge lipped particleboard with timber cleats, plus chrome hanging rail to bedroom robes as follows:  1 top shelf plus a bank of open shelves 600mm wide to all bedrooms. Two banks of shelves in walk in robe.  4 shelves to linen and store cupboards and 1 shelf to broom cupboards


Tiling and Carpets

  • Carpet supplied and laid with underlay to lounge / media, bedrooms and robes PS $160 / lineal metre
  • Ceramic cushioned edge tiling to wet areas and all other floor areas, including shower bases and entry patio, but excluding the garage and alfresco patio
  • All tiles including features at PC $30 / square metre
  • Tiling heights are as follows: Shower walls tiled to 2000mm high, 600mm over bath, 400mm splash back over laundry tub and benches, 600mm splash back to kitchen, 100mm skirting to wet areas, and up to 300mm over vanities
  • All tiles laid on flexible adhesives & laid square, except shower bases which will be laid at 45 degrees
  • Silicone expansion joints installed as required
  • If your selected tiles are larger than 450mm they will incur an extra cost for installation. Porcelain tiles and rectified edge tiles will also incur extra charges, please ask before selecting them
  • Tiling size / style allowance are as follows:  450 x 450mm tiles allowed to floor areas (ceramic cushion edged).  450 x 450mm OR 600 x 300mm tiles allowed to wet area walls (ceramic cushion edged).  600 x 300mm tiles allowed to kitchen & laundry splash backs (rectified edge).



  • House fully painted with 3 coats inside and out with quality Taubmans paint
  • Low sheen to walls.  All internal wall paints upgraded to 'Taubmanns Endure' highly washable paint
  • Gloss enamel to architraves, skirting and doors.  Gloss acrylics to soffits
  • NOTE:  You are allowed three base colours for the inside of the home (ceiling colour, wall colour, architrave colour) and three base colours for the outside of the home (main wall colour [if rendered], soffit colour, door frames colour).  If you choose a higher number of colours, or select colours that require additional coats to achieve proper coverage there will be an additional cost for paint supply and labour.  Feature walls and picking out skirting or cornice are also additional costs


Air Conditioning           

  • 7.0 kw Kelvinator Inverter, split system, air conditioner to the main living area
  • All air conditioners must be installed back to back (internal head units are to be placed directly inside from where external motor unit is located), unless specifically mentioned above, otherwise additional pipe work costs will apply



Electrical allowances below are based on a standard 230m2 four bedroom, two bathroom, double garage home. Each home we quote will be reassessed for electrical needs individually. Power points required for a dishwasher, fridge, microwave, range hood, panel lift door and hot water systems are already allowed for, separate to the allowance below

  • 20 double power points
  • 1 external weatherproof double power point
  • 34 light points
  • 2 phone points (Service provider connection charge is not included)
  • All light points and power point switches are 'Clipsal Classic C2000' series switches
  • 3 TV wall points, plus 1 TV antenna supplied and installed, including booster
  • 1 white, round exhaust fan to the bathroom
  • 1 'Ventair' four bulb, fan, light, heater combo to the ensuite
  • White 'Airflow' ceiling fans to all bedrooms and living areas
  • Hard wired Photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms as required by State Laws
  • Electric mains for six metre set back, single phase underground power
  • Isolating switch to the electric cook top
  • Safety switch and circuit breakers installed as required by Australian Standards
  • If an NBN connection is available to your home, this will be included in your house quotation
  • WFH will complete the necessary 'Ergon Network Connection Application Form' on the owner's behalf, and power must be connected into the owner's name at the beginning of the job (i.e. owner's pay for all electricity used during construction).  Please also be aware, Ergon will charge you directly, approximately $440 for the initial connection
  • Light fittings via white round LED downlights, double bulb diffused fluoros, twin bulb soffit mounted spot lights and some feature pendants to owner's selections


Other Inclusions

  • Brick letterbox on slab attached to driveway, standard two brick square with metal front and back, finished to match house
  • Clothesline, wall mounted, 'Fraser' single fold  [rotary style option available]
  • Professional builder's clean to the inside and outside of the home
  • Builder's clean to the site with a bobcat, existing dirt levelled with spreader bar, any imported fill (if requested by owner) will be charged as an extra
  • Fencing, grass, landscaping and window coverings are not included as standard
  • Six year and three month structural warranty
  • Six month maintenance warranty

"My wife and I have built a number of homes over the years so we are reasonably experienced in the pros and cons of the building process.  The house that we have just had completed by Warren Family Homes is most likely going to be our last (at least at this stage) so we wanted to get it right.  We had an idea in mind as to the style of house which was essentially a beach style home on a block only a short walk from the ocean.  We wanted both the interior and exterior of the home to convey that theme, and as we were also downsizing, we wanted the house to be adequate in size for our needs, but also within our budget.

We looked at numerous display homes and websites searching for a suitable design, but were having little success.  After having unsatisfactorily approached a number of other local builders, we decided to try Warren Family Homes, as they had built our daughter's house, and we had always been impressed with the quality of the finish in their home.

From the outset, we could not have been more impressed with the company, and in particular the assistance provided by Brad Warren.  We explained the concept we had in mind and also the budget to which we wanted to adhere, and Brad basically said that he was prepared to keep coming up with ideas until we had a design that met our needs.  To our surprise, he was good to his word, and after a number of meetings with Brad we had the design we wanted and we had stayed within our budget.

The building process went through with only minor hiccups, and the tradesmen and site supervisor could not have been more helpful.  As we were also having a pool built and full solar system installed during the construction phase, there was the potential for the trades to get in each other's way, but this was well managed by Warren Family Homes.  We are now in our home and could not be happier with the outcome.

We would have little hesitation in recommending Warren Family Homes to anyone contemplating building a new home in the Bundaberg region."

Trevor & Cheryl - Innes Park